I Sing

Style unmatched, Voice all their own

Rhonda Skinner
2 min readDec 15, 2021


Source: wallvie.com

Oiled chest slick and slender
abdomen give way to sacral splendor
playful shadows imagination dance
cadence flows like a pulsating heartbeat
movements of compound decadence
levels slide down his tongue
touching me on my downbeat
deep in the ethers
sitting on threads of tension
balance between connected movements
willing puppets on a string fill the
range of rhythm
fiery fingertips give way to smoke that forms
Baby Please Don’t Go on my lips
mythological lyrical bliss caresses my hips
I grab at the moment thrusting myself down
reaching rare tempo
uncharted ground
twisting around what’s thought
to be mainstream
falling on hungry ears
wicked eclipse
reveals things we cannot see
are you here with me
in the smoldering ashes
wakeful notes
set to strings
leave me wanting more
satisfaction feeds my appetite

While watching Dazed and Confused I could not help but get romanced by the artistic genius that melted Led Zeppelin into the right time and space to fill the hunger that has always been in our belly. Get the Led out 🤘



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