A poem

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

I want to be the book you can’t put down
The one you enjoy reading between the lines
Anticipating every turn of the page
The one you keep tucked under your arm as you cross the street
I want you to touch my pages
Let me be the one you curl up with in the…



Sep 23, 2022


Lake Michigan as the snow begins to melt, Photo by Author

Moments twist of fate
Locked door opened by
A stranger’s eye
Forever the soul’s compass
Direction unknown

The wind caught pages turn
Touch my breath
Fingertips through froth
Clouds dip down
A wild impulse
Falls to the ground

At times intoxicating smile
Whispers across your face
A wave of open possibility



A tale of Lovers

Photo by form PxHere

Your sex
peels like a grape
Slowly unveiling kaleidoscopes
of color
Forming to what
Seems formless

unending bliss
I bite my tongue
as you push me deeper
into the shifting sand
You grab another handful
Lifting me towards you

Turning what seems the key
Releasing all that I have
Am I…



Jan 11, 2022

The colors of belief

Painting an Emotion, Mixed Media on Canvas by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

a spectrum of color
The hues melt into one another
Pleasing our senses
Holding them lightly
Allowing room for expansion

Rhonda Skinner 2022