Synchronistic Flavor

Energetic ties

Rhonda Skinner
1 min readDec 31, 2021


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The words you speak roll off my tongue
in hues of amber-ed verse
birthed some time ago
faintly whisper sight unseen
travel through the creative thread

Where does the moment sleep
is there waiting or does this
give way to unfolding petals

There is no rush just
gathered figs in the
morning dew
enjoying their final
moments connected to
sustained life spell

they feel a release

In that moment
a breath taken
and then a leap

Breathing in nourishment
they have been
waiting to greet

Puzzle pieces soon will
snap in place
leaving nothing
for question but
a verse on a page

When I write
you write
when I sing
you sing

The infinite combination
decides on what shall be
no longer lay the seeds
to peat

Taking with it the nourished cells
and membrane of ripened fruit
the story has only yet begun

The stationary vowels have yet
to touch the surface
of the ocean's breath

Flowing through
I wonder what the next
verse will be

Rhonda Skinner 2021

Happy new year and may blessings find you in the coming year. Much love~



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