Rhonda Skinner
1 min readMar 19, 2022


Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

A forgotten drink
On an overstuffed chair
Room reek a pistol
Strut into oblivion
Stale cigarette
Room lite dampened
By sweat
Faulty words
Lips bleed red
Shade from the sixties
Taunts me
Rumble leads to exposed
Skin shoes lift
An awkward height
Escape the formidable
A time that slipped
Behind the seat
Lost in dust
Makeup a stunted
Trip across the world
Favor eclipsed
Broken sorrow tattoo
Slips into the sea
A golden bird
In a silent cage
Wilted leaves
Laced on grandma’s
Finding castles
You can’t remember
Sandy palace
Typewriter twist
A key so sweet
Tongue drip
Of literal feast
You can’t imagine
Time so sweet
So young
The talent falls
Short of delicate
Petals pressed
Between my breast
Blind eyes comprise
Memories stripped
In the now
Stretch back
A whisper
Tunes of an oaken
Bird in flight
An ageless belief
Moment meets
Thighs so sweet
Flowing world
Caress a bliss
Like corn cob
On a summer’s sweat
Hammock swing
A tainted melody
Uncomfortable stunted
Cusp of reality



Rhonda Skinner

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