A journey

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

Time withers on the vine
steps I take find me behind
current mood sets the sunset aflame
I grab my glass
Drinking it all in
I close my eyes
listening to the sound of the waves
as the field comes into view
I breathe in the scene once more
blue skies
wakeful dreams
set out to take me in

A spaceship adventure

Photo by NASA on Unsplash with a slight addition to fit with the stories theme

An exquisite memory
Stuffed into the corner of a dark room
I lay surrounded by comforts of my own treasures
The sounds of dinner in full process in the background
The husband arriving home after a long day
The habit
Turn on the news
Read the paper
A time before computers
Brought the sound of pages…

Reflections Acrylic on Canvas by Author. My favorite style, one of my favorite paintings. I see my guides in this one, a random happening that makes me feel blessed.

A few of my paintings

Full Moon, photo by Author

Guided meditation

A poem

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright all rights reserved

Echoing time
slanted mirror
in the fields
whispers moments
back to me
as the sky starts to fade
I see the colored rocks
floating through
on panes filled
with withered flowers
collected at dusk
the previous day
their aroma
still scent the air
around us
velvet tattooed moments
etched in my mind
waiting for nothing
stealing countless memories
to hold…

A poem

Cowles Bog trail to Lake Michigan. photo by Author

Writing the thoughts that flow like a river from my heart
I can’t help but dig a little deeper
The time has fallen between wanting
when can I be still
No must-dos weighing on my chest
I long to be free and feel like an ass for the wanting
A gift is given but received…

A Poem

In the mountains of Hogsback South Africa, standing at the edge, Photo by Author

Forbidden landscape
Crystalline waters flow through
Not wanting
Never asking for anything

Branches stretch and bend
At knees
Contour meets the earth
Budding thoughts dripping
With the morning dew
Mimic the flames that never diminish

Drum beat sweeps with ancient memories
Pounding at my chest
Running through my veins
A call from my ancestors
Marks my steps…

A poem

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright, All Rights Reserved

Fields of purple flax with
silken petals brush against my legs
As I run through, not letting my feet touch the earth
I run
Blue streaks stretch across the sky
Looks like the clouds are reaching to a forgotten dream
The wants lift their head and sigh
Touching the edges of thorn soaked memories
I stumble on…

A Mother’s Love

Taken, Mixed Media on Canvas by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

The pressure on my stomach
pulls on the essence of my core
massaging my spine with this
uncomfortable knowing

My mind thinks of how much
more stress this body can take
before it decides to give

I move as if to find the room
around my body and swallow it whole

Rhonda Skinner

Poet, artist, peaceful being, shamanic healing practitioner, lover, friend Instagram deersong.medicine, email stargazers.vision@gmail.com, rhondaskinner.com

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