A journey

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

Time withers on the vine
steps I take find me behind
current mood sets the sunset aflame
I grab my glass
Drinking it all in
I close my eyes
listening to the sound of the waves
as the field comes into view
I breathe in the scene once more
blue skies
wakeful dreams
set out to take me in
My silhouette dances in the breeze
as I remember, the last time I was here
The forest reaches for me
and I relax
The path moves deeper
The stream follows my footsteps
I reach in and find a stone
Seeing my reflection
I smile
Walking deeper into the forest,
I see a cave up ahead
Inviting me in
I am grateful
My eyes…

A Mother’s Love

Taken, Mixed Media on Canvas by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

The pressure on my stomach
pulls on the essence of my core
massaging my spine with this
uncomfortable knowing

My mind thinks of how much
more stress this body can take
before it decides to give

I move as if to find the room
around my body and swallow it whole
capturing the area
the space in this tiny cabin
tucked away in the woods

I visualize the tree outside
with its firm trunk
and strong branches
finding my bodies zipper
grabbing the tab
releasing me
from this moment

Feeling the stars lick at my face
as I feel arms gently…

Free thought perspective

Cowles Bog near Lake Michigan, Photo by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

Perception and intellect teeter on a seesaw
Walking thoughts
drift amongst the star’s dust
Crossing arrows swing on the apex of a pendulum
Wondering if the forced perspective can untie its own wings
Memories of riding without a care in the world
Lost to the tumbleweeds of free-thinking Amherst
Before indignance was the morning drink of champions
We moved with the simple thoughts of coexistence
An existential meaning with connectedness sprinkled on top
It’s really very easy to smell the gentle breeze of the sea
We are not much different you and I
I have no condemnation for you
Your guidance system is yours and yours alone
I trust you are connected to…

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

A poem

An Angel’s kiss

Lake Michigan, Photo by Author

The rightness of your lips on my chest
The breath that speaks your name
I can’t escape the feeling of your kiss on my neck
The completeness of being held
The completeness of being seen
No other holds the light I see in your eyes
No other follows the steps that bring you to me
The heart knows the sight of you
Your hips dancing in the breeze
Following the waters of time
Flow to the spot that was formed to fit only your hand
Moments kiss me like no other
When I think of you
The heart that beats to the rhythm of your birth
Ever waiting

The drug of choice

Willow tree in the backyard

Caress of the willow
Winking possibilities back to me
As frost collects on the early spring buds
Reminding us the tenderness of new life

Creative taking its first steps into our vision

Washing the frost from the delicate buds
To save the new growth pushing its way into the light
A glimpse of birth flowing from the earth

There is something so beautiful that does not require
An audience and may go unnoticed

The creative flow, sometimes a drive that makes you
feel like an addict. You forget to eat, showers become something that
takes too much time…

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

A poem

A poem

Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

We create a path out of blood and tears.
Laced with hopes that seem to fade.
The cost of being human
Opening yourself to another
When all there is,
Is you.
The completeness of being
Echoes in the chambers of the soul

Never faint of heart
Feels true bliss
In the watching of the clouds.
Never a tune so sweet
As the sound of our breath
In sync with the stars.
Where comfort is surely found
In the knowing that all is one
All sleep in connectedness
Nested with the divine.

Even if my heart is forever a trampoline
Without a…

Rhonda Skinner

Poet, artist, peaceful being, shamanic healing practitioner, lover, friend Instagram deersong.medicine stargazes.vision@gmail.com

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