A poem

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Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

I want to be the book you can’t put down
The one you enjoy reading between the lines
Anticipating every turn of the page
The one you keep tucked under your arm as you cross the street
I want you to touch my pages
Let me be the one you curl up with in the corner cafe
Moisten your finger as you reach for me
I want to touch your intellect with my verse and fondle the truth you keep hidden away
I want you to wander through my halls of what might be
Truths and sentiment lined with anticipation
Let me touch your mana with my text
I want you to be the one
To drink in my dialogue
With zero trepidation
Like the forbidden fruit
I want you to take a bite and chew off more than you can handle
Reading every word
Savor every moment that makes your mind tremble
and feeds your soul
I want to be the one that touches your essence
Bound by thread and earth
I want to feel the warmth of your breath on my pages
Make your way to my center
Run your fingers over my text
I long to be the book you rest between your breast as you drift off to…

A journey

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Digital Collage by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

Time withers on the vine
steps I take find me behind
current mood sets the sunset aflame
I grab my glass
Drinking it all in
I close my eyes
listening to the sound of the waves
as the field comes into view
I breathe in the scene once more
blue skies
wakeful dreams
set out to take me in
My silhouette dances in the breeze
as I remember, the last time I was here
The forest reaches for me
and I relax
The path moves deeper
The stream follows my footsteps
I reach in and find a stone
Seeing my reflection
I smile
Walking deeper into the forest,
I see a cave up ahead
Inviting me in
I am grateful
My eyes adjust
I view the walls of the cave
The sacred symbols I find
Connected to my heart and ones I have not seen before
I move deeper into the cave
As I start to see the flames flicker in the distance
The sacredness of my space do I feel
As I descend further
I find myself in front of my sacred fire
Tobacco I find
say a prayer and gratitude I express
Tossing it into the fire
My guide waits for me
handing me a scroll
A bit of my past written
by my ancestors
Wisdom of time
beauty of tradition
I find my connection to the ancient
I close my eyes
I thank my guide
I breathe in and see what this moment has to say
Listening to the sound of the fire
A stairway comes into view
Lighted by colors of red hues
I climb the stairs
Seeing an angel up ahead
She speaks to me in silence
I take in every word
My medicine I do find
By random design
My heart gates are open
Flooded by the divine
Sometimes I wish you could see
The tree that grows from the center
To the passageway to our birth
where continual time is left on the shelf
as I find my way back to the…

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Dew on Feather, Photo by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

A poem

A trip

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Be careful with the LSD
It only last nine hours, they say
But once you take the ride.
There is no exit
You have to finish
Wherever it takes you
Altered to light
formless and unbound
Lost behind the settings
Wait a day
There’s no trouble
Are you looking at me?
I can’t feel my legs.
Or maybe my feet
I don’t think I can pick them up.
It seems like everyone is friendly.
I feel like I am in a room.
With no walls
Where Jesus resides
Amongst the light that
Tries to swallow me whole
The stars
Open their kiss
I see the cake set in the fields of gray.
Open concepts
Open dreams
Belief doesn’t reside in a teacup.
I surrender to that angel's face.
The words may have been mine.
They may have been from the cusp.
The feeling sets a stream to float
Paint on brush
hued pigment floats to the sky
light streaks across God’s face
Seeing the resemblance in your eyes
I can’t stop smiling
Arrows without course
sparks of light dignifies one’s focus
I find it hard to hold it all in place.
Feels like a moment without chase
I like this place
a language I may know
I try to grab them as they come into view
But how do I catch words I can only hear
It’s like that song that came
that one time
Lost forever
or somewhere not hard to find
Where things just click into place. …

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Photo by a friend, Copyright All Rights Reserved

A poem

A poem

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Abstract, Acrylic on Canvas, Painting by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

Love abound
Shattered skin
the face in the mirror
through light reflects

Fluid movement
looking back at me
Branches move
dancing with
the night’s tapestry
Positive and negative space
define movement

The path comes into view
unfolding its wings
never to be eclipsed
by the veil
leaving echoes,
in arms reach
beyond our structured beliefs

My heart; rhythm, and pulse
expanding fruition
beyond this bodies form
abundance falls
fruit from the vine
as a wave rushes over me

I wait
Uncomfortable in my skin
I cannot find a space
where I belong

Moving slowly
the canal
birthing a dream
Animus into…

A guided meditation practice

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Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Meditation is lifeforce energy. It feeds our soul. It is a space to rebalance ourselves — a place to expand our consciousness. Life is always moving, as is your energy; it ebbs and flows. Connecting to the healing power that is stillness is so vital and can be so healing. I know a lot of people struggle with stillness and quietening the mind. The world we live in is constantly feeding us information. If we forget to pay attention to our energy, we can easily get pulled off our center. Sometimes a guided meditation can help if we struggle with stillness. It’s good to remember not to put pressure on yourself to be still. Just allow it and practice. I think of balance a lot when I think about the mundane world. It does require our attention. So our meditation practice can be so vital and help us in all aspects of our lives. It is one of the first questions I ask people, are you meditating. …

Spiritual medicine

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A medicine plant from South Africa found in the mountains of Hogsback, Photo by Author, Copyright All Rights Reserved

What is our more potent medicine? What naturally resides within us and has an infinite power to be refilled at any time? The answer is simple, Love. It is the most powerful act to love, be love, send love, and act from that place within us. There is an innate sense within all of us to act from love; it’s natural. Some choose not to act from that place and go against the natural flow of their heart. You can feel it when your actions are from an authentic place of love without expectation and vice versa when your efforts are not from that space.
When we think of love, the first thing that comes to mind is that fuzzy feeling we get when we connect with another human on a deeper level. When we look at it from a spiritual aspect, we may go to the love of God or a higher power. That infinite love of the divine. We can also look at it from the standpoint that love is a medicine, an energy that flows within us; it flows naturally from the divine. We all have the divine within us, and we are all connected. With that, it is always within our power to access the infinite love of the universe. Meaning we can send love through the energy field to anyone or any being who needs love. We are powerful.
An example would be animals who are being abused at the hands of humans. We may not be able to do something on the physical plane, but we can support them through the threads that connect us. A way of doing this would be to ask the universe to allow love to flow to them, let them know they are not alone, and give them the strength they need to get through whatever it is they are facing. A powerful act or prayer that can help those in need without interfering or influencing the outcome. When we stand in love, it is an act of prayer. When it is sent without intentions to change, it is authentic and powerful without interfering with the laws of nature or the theory of ethics, the act of pushing our beliefs on a situation. We have an abundance of love within us, it is where our power lies, and if we learn how to ask the universe to send love through us effectively, we can do this without draining our energy. We can always ask the universe to fill us with love if we are exhausted; one way is to stand on Mother Earth and ask that you be filled with the love of the universe. You may not feel it at first but trust that it is working.
From a shamanic standpoint, I run into attachments on people, dwellings, or land that need to be removed. They are not lovely beings with the intention to do no harm but are just the opposite at times and need to be removed to bring back balance or set someone free. The most powerful way to deal with these attachments is love. They can not reside where there is love. The same is true for fear. Every emotion we have can go back to either love or fear at the root. Understanding this can help us take that minute and breathe into what we are feeling at the moment and decide if it requires our attention. We can always send love to our thoughts and feelings that might need to be heard. Send ourselves love. We naturally have this power within us. It doesn’t take much to hone this skill and can be hugely rewarding. …

Time left unseen

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Cemetery Notre Dame Campus, photo by a friend, Copyright All Rights Reserved

I want to feel his arms around me
I want to breathe in his scent
I love the feel of his laugh when he is holding me
There is nothing like his love
It sets my heart on fire
I want to hear his voice in my ear
Just once more
He stole my heart
Did he know I was giving it to him
It’s been eight years since he’s gone
I still hear his laugh
See his smile
Such a dork sometimes
But I secretly loved that about him
I know he watches over me
When the sky turns dark
I know he holds me when my heart breaks upon the shore
I feel him with me
Even though he is no longer here
Can I turn to you and sing
though I can’t hold a tune
Can I whisper my secrets to you
and know that you hold them true
Moments on moments I create a life in a box
no one can see
It’s by design
I stay in the folds and wonder why I’m alone
Time gets to me
It bites at my heels
I wonder what the day will look like
When I see your face again
In the shadows, I walk
The sky all my own
My heart sometimes breaks
when I feel truly alone
I know you read my works
But you don’t know me
My thoughts I let you in
as if we were already friends
The truth is, we can never be alone
The fact turns to me and sings
That song that I know
A new story on my tongue
A new spark in my eye
As the words pour out onto my pages
That I know no one will ever…


Rhonda Skinner

Poet, artist, peaceful being, shamanic healing practitioner, lover, friend Instagram deersong.medicine

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